The mission of the Orange County Cultural Center (OCCC) is to promote the public understanding and appreciation of the creative arts and cultural history of Orange County, and to stimulate the interest and participation of members and the community by providing affordable space for exhibitions, education, and professional endeavors.


  • Build a thriving cultural community: Bring together artists, gallery owners, visual & performing arts organizations, educators, philanthropists, writers, business owners, community members, and visitors to share in cultural activities that raise public awareness and appreciation. Create teamwork through community collaborations and partnerships.
  • Nurture artistic and educational creativity: Provide and manage an inviting, supportive, and inspiring venue to host quality creative artistic and educational offerings. Continuously pursue and expand the availability of creative opportunities. Strive to make learning fun, interesting, and increase curiosity.
  • Preserve historic architecture: Invest in and maintain the auditorium and office spaces within the historic Whitted building, which once housed the Hillsborough High School and is owned by Orange County. Share and grow interest in the rich history of Hillsborough and Orange County by maintaining the structure as a cultural and educational destination.
  • Promote professionalism and financial stability: Continuously provide high quality service to visitors and the local community. Offer enthusiasm and commitment to clients, be respectful and flexible, and promote ethical practices. Develop good financial habits and develop and implement strong financial, regulatory, and supervisory policies in the interest of financial stability.